Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tom Adkins

Tom Adkins, REMAX
Tom is known for his goldilocks appearance and hyping the real estate market beyond reason. He gets inducted into the Hall of Shame® for his embarrassing appearance on Fox News with Peter Schiff. Tom, you're not anywhere close to being in Peter's league, you moron. My guess is that he hasn't sold real estate in a long time, if at all.

This guy just won't go away. LOL
2008-01-08: Tom Adkins is caught lying ON AIR!!
2008-01-08: Tom Adkins is pwned by Peter Schiff

Famous last words from the video, dated Dec 31, 2006:
"You're going to see prices go up about 10%."
"Prices are already on the way back up, now."
"We have no inflation right now."
"Interest only mortgages... there is nothing wrong with them."

2007-12-26: Home prices post record decline
NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) -- Home prices fell 6.7 percent in October, compared with a year ago, according to the S&P/Case-Shiller 10-city home-price index. It was the largest drop recorded since the index began in 1987.

"This is just the beginning," said Peter Schiff, a Darien, Conn.-based investment adviser known for his bearish views of the housing market. "Pressure is there for much, much lower prices."

2007-12-13: Wholesale Inflation Surges, but Sales Up Thursday
WASHINGTON (AP) -- A record jump in gasoline prices pushed up wholesale inflation in November at the fastest pace in more than three decades, while retail sales showed unexpected strength.

The Labor Department said Thursday that wholesale prices rose by 3.2 percent last month, the biggest increase in 34 years. The jump reflected a 34.8 percent surge in gasoline prices. Outside of energy and food, core inflation posted a 0.4 percent jump, double what was expected.


JReality said...

Believe it or not, Tom Adkins is married to Brenda Buttner, the host of Bulls & Bears on Fox News.

Matt said...

Another rich quote from the Dec. 31 206 video - Tmo Adkins:

[regarding the idea of home prices falling]
"Net income booked is far too great to have this happen. It's not going to happen."