Sunday, August 5, 2007

Real Estate Video Collection

2007-11-01: Schiff on CNN

2007-10-31: Schiff vs. Mike Norman

2007-10-30: Schiff vs. Tom Adkins

2007-10-25: Schiff Interview

2007-10-25: Mozilo: Oompa-Loompa

2007-10-15: Central CA Housing Debacle

2007-09-30: 'Maxed Out'

2007-09-27: Cramer, "Don't you dare buy a home now."

2007-09-22: CNBC Power Lunch 9/4/07

2007-09-22: Housing Bubble Set to 'Smack My Bitch Up'

2007-09-22: Peter Schiff September 2007 CNBC

2007-08-26: Subprime Derivatives

2007-08-26: Housing Crash Update

2007-08-13: How Millions Will Lose Their Homes

2007-08-12: VIDEO: Orange County Subprime Street

2007-08-03: Jim Cramer's Meltdown

2007-08-03: Jim Cramer's Meltdown, ala iTulip

2007-08-01: Jim Cramer Chronology
2006: he says there is no problem in real estate
July 12, 2007: subprime and mortgage-backed securities is a poor people's problem
July 28, 2007: everyone should walk away from their home if it drops 20%

2007-05-17: Real Estate Predictions 2007
- Peter Schiff, Tom Adkins, Mike Norman: Peter is the only one that has a brain; Tom and Mike are total FOOLS; listen to Tom and Mike giggle; Tom Adkins of REMAX is an idiot

2007-05-27: Temecula Housing Wall
Housing Bubble in Temecula. 85 signs. one neighborhood. Absolute warzone...just driving through after checking out the new homes for mid to high 300's and then crossed the street to find forclosures and houses for sale in the mid to high 400's.

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