Sunday, September 30, 2007

Vivian Hoang

Vivian Hoang
, Realtor/Horticulturist
If the downturn in the real estate market is hurting your business, just put your home/investment to good use.

Elk Grove realtor linked to pot homes
ELK GROVE – An Elk Grove real estate agent has ties to nearly half of 21 raided pot houses, according to a database of properties sold in the area.
Authorities arrested Vivian Hoang, 34, Wednesday in coordinated raids in Sacramento, Elk Grove and Galt. She owned two of the houses and sold another eight while working at Elite Realty of Elk Grove, according to Metrolist Services.

Hoang left Elite Realty more than a month ago, said former co-worker Gus Chaveste who described Hoang as "very nice, humble lady."

Greg Swann

Greg Swann, Phoenix Realtor
It seems that Greg is now raising the ire of his own.

2008-02-15: Swann should ban himself from Bloodhound Blog
Greg, methinks it is about time you add your own name to the BHB blacklist and ban yourself. You are charged under your own comment bylaws (excerpted below) with first degree flame-baiting, bad behavior and insult — all banishable offenses in your desert blogdom. You are a repeat offender, sir.

Greg on bubble bloggers:
21 reasons to bank on the Phoenix real estate market . . .
"...guilty of nothing except failing to have drunk the BubbleBlogger KoolAde."

"The BubbleBloggers will someday bawl balefully in private, but they will never, ever admit that they have been very publicly very foolish."

"I’ve been writing lovingly about this place since the day I got here, and I’ll keep it up at least until the day before I die here."

Since he's been writing "lovingly" about Phoenix, does that mean he is incapable of writing anything truthful? Incapable of writing about loose lending practices? Incapable of writing about realtors that knowingly put people into homes they cannot possibly afford? Incapable of writing about toxic loan "products"?

And he took the Kool-aid line and used it against us! He can't do that!

Monday, September 24, 2007

VFM Investment Group

VFM Investment Group, Sacramento, CA
Jim Martin, Gabriel Viramontes, Mario Fellini, Joseph Gallo and Jennifer Huang
-- Accused of duping investors into buying more than 20 homes, with a total value of more than $9 million.
-- Misled investors and lied on loan applications.
2007-04-30: Investors Say They Were Duped
2007-06-05: FBI, IRS Take Action
2007-06-21: Alleged Real Estate Scheme
2007-09-21: Operating Through Loophole
Elk Grove, Part 1
Elk Grove, Part 2
Elk Grove, Part 3
Another "charge" that could be added: COMP inflating.
All this nonsense needs to be purged.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cheryl Marie Christman

Cheryl Christman, Owner/Arsonist
When the bubble pops and you can't sell it, burn it down.
Gaines Township homeowner charged with arson
Kent County Deputies have arrested the homeowner for the September 1st fire at 6825 Deer Cove Drive.Cheryl Marie Christman, 38, was arrested and is being lodged in the Kent County Jail for intentionally setting fire to her home. Fire investigators believe that Christman was attempting to collect insurance money because the home was going to be foreclosed four days later.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lois Henry

Lois Henry, Bakersfield Californian
Asstard meets valley girl.

Bakersfield Californian vs Blogosphere
Did they or didn't they commit fraud? Will they or won't they get jail time? (Crisp & Cole)
Who knows? Certainly not me. I’ll leave that to the experts.

Speaking of experts, I’m getting a little fed up with the “I told you sos” from the so-called experts these days. Mostly, they’re having their say anonymously on blogs, but we’ve received a few emails and phone calls as well.
Rumors are one thing, but we need hard information before we print a story.
I guess investigation is out of the question. Duhhhhhhhhhhhh...

Monday, September 10, 2007

David Crisp

Crisp & Cole, formerly of Crisp & Cole
David Crisp and Alan Cole can be given a lot of credit for destroying the real estate market in Bakersfield and surrounding areas. Recent news reports have provided evidence that they involved family members (Carl Cole, Megan Balod, Jennifer Crisp, Crisp's MOTHER!) in their nefarious flipping.
C&C Shenanigans:
Crisp & Cole defaults: Nightmare on Ordsall Street
Bakersfield home prices down 10.9% YOY; Crisp Sister in Law report
KGET Crisp Video: Mortgage Fraud--A Family Affair

2007-09-10: Formal charges have been filed
2007-09-12: FBI raids Crisp home and offices BUSTED!!!
News Video: Crisp Raided

Friday, September 7, 2007

John Lockwood

John Lockwood, Sacramento Realtor, Elite Properties
Just your typical rah-rah NAR cheerleader, and full of that special kool-aid. Read his blog and you'll get the idea. This fool will deny the existence of a bubble to the bitter end, or the bitter bottom, which is approaching very soon.
March 2006: Prices rose again in February. Darn, aren’t they supposed to keep falling? Isn’t Sacramento Land(ing) begging for us to call them price drops instead of price corrections?
And come to think of it, even when dropping that was a pretty smooth curve compared to a bursting bubble, wasn’t it? And now it’s on the rise again. Awww… and just when Sacramento Landing was reporting Central Valley “Bubble Appears to be Bursting”, we had to go screw it up with a price increase.

Here was an interesting home listed at the blog:
Aug 2006: home for sale.. 4032 Birchgrove Way, $320K
Jun 2007: price reduced.. 4032 Birchgrove Way, $255K
Jul 2007: home sold........ 4032 Birchgrove Way, $290K * 1 year later *
John-boy: "...toward the end the winning combination was a deeply discounted list price and an above market commission."
Funny business? Cash back? The true price drop appears to be 20%. The "above market commission" may have added back 10%. Is this classic illegal cash-back activity, which also inflates COMPS.

Oct 2006: "...prices are down about seven percent from last year in Sacramento County. or they’re up 2,214 percent from fifty years ago." Spin it!
Dec 2006: writing about foreclosures, REOs, NODs, short sales, etc.
Apr 2007: I’m more than unimpressed by the bubblers. I used to be simply unimpressed — now I’m impressively unimpressed!
And we are equally unimpressed with you, Realtor-boy!
No bubble, but...

John:My belief about what’s driving prices down is what always drives prices down: supply is outstripping demand. Tightening lending standards and fear mongering are wreaking havoc on the demand side, while defaults and rising inventory are adding to the supply.

This fool will deny the existence of a bubble 'til the bitter end. The "tightening" of the lending standards he refers to is requiring people to qualify for the loan.
Lockwood Blog

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

John Devaney

John Devaney, ex-CEO United Capital / Uber-idiot
Why in the USA do these idiots get 10's or 100's of millions? Is anyone really worth it? In the end, what he was paid for (profits in hedge funds) never materialized. I guess all pyramids have someone at or near the top.
May 2007: The investors: How to get rich trading "idiot" loans
Devaney on ARMs:
Option ARMs? Devaney loves 'em. "The consumer has to be an idiot to take on those loans," he says. "But it has been one of our best-performing investments."
But Devaney, who told a crowd of investors that the riskiest mortgage bonds looked "awful" before the crash, says he thinks he'll be buying. "I don't believe the carnage and fallout will be as bad as people think," he says.
Two months later...
July 2007: Fund manager's fun sailing away
A hedge fund manager whose fund ran into trouble from the sell-off in securities backed by subprime mortgages is having to put his huge yacht up for sale, seeking $23.5 million.

Aug 2007: John ‘Big Idiot’ Devaney Sells Yacht as Subprime Losses Hit Hedge Fund

Sunday, September 2, 2007


Stan-the-Man®, S.D. Realtor
Stan is famous for helping find homes for the disabled. Although, how many disabled individuals actually lived in these homes??
Here is proof of 30 transactions where most, if not all, have ended up in foreclosure. What is even more interesting is that he gets top dollar for the homes.
Helper of the disabled, or devil in disguise? You decide.
* True identity still unknown, but if I get the name, it'll be recorded for posterity.

Saturday, September 1, 2007


National Association of Realtors®
For anyone buying a home, the NARs objectives conflict with yours. They make money through a sales commission, so the more you pay, the more money they earn. And how many times during the housing boom did you hear or read about a Realtor saying, "You'll be priced out forever", or "Real estate always goes up." Total rubbish. And now that the boom is turning into bust, "It's a great time to buy, prices are lower." When prices get back in line with household earning and historical guidelines for affordability, then it will be time to buy. I've singled out a few notorious Realtors (Jenae, et al) for their shameless manipulation of the loose lending practies, and/or for pushing toxic loans (Nunez, et al) onto people that do not have the earnings to justify the loan amount.

Jim Cramer

Jim Cramer, CNBC Blowhard
Just watch the Cramer Chronology video and you'll understand why he's here. Lister to Farnoosh Torabi; what fu**in' language is she speaking.

Cramer on Housing, Part 1 (mid-2006)
Cramer on Housing, Part 2 (Nov-2006)

The Street

Inducted for suppressing truth by having the Cramer Revisionist video removed from YouTube. Really quite unbelievable. The video simply recaps statements made by the jackass, Jim Cramer, over the span of about a year. First, he rages about the housing bears being so wrong. Then he does a complete 180 and says the bears are 'optimistic'. What does this say about mainstream media? They don't give a damn about the truth.

This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by

The video is back onYouTube as of Sep 8, 2007, but TheStreet stays in the Hall of Shame.
The video is off YouTube, again.
Cramer Video

Jenae Politovich-Peckham

Jenae Politovich-Peckham, Roman Realty
aka Jeanie, Super-Jenae®
Jenae is famous for pulling off impossible sales. Properties can sit on the market for months with no offers, but bring on some of that Jenae Magic® and not only will she sell the house, it will sell above the previous asking price.

Debtkid, Honorable Mention
I won't give Debtkid full induction into the Hall of Shame, but he will represent all the 20-dumbthings that are stupid enough to think they can manage crippling debt, and are so overwhemlingly filled with a sense of self-entitlement that they possess no self-control. Perhaps it is upbringing by baby boomers that has deluded this generation.

Muggle Money Mistakes :
When I was 23 I bought a nearly half-million dollar home because I could. A year later I was short selling the home to avoid foreclosure. Sometimes, just because you can do something financially, does not mean that you should.

Isn't it strange how this 20-dumbthing mixes Harry Potter in with this real life; is it all a game to these idiots. He tried to 'Expecto Patronum' his debt away, but it didn't work. At the ripe age of 23, exactly how are you able to obtain the financing? Loose lending practices, that's how. Just ask this strawberry picker how he got a $720,000 loan. You're very, very special, dumbkid.

Liz Seither, Real Estate Bum®

Elizabeth "Liz" Seither, Banker, Owner, Flipper, Real Estate Bum®
The vanity and ignorance of this Realtor has earned her a spot in the Hall of Shame. How much damage did rampant flipping do to home prices? How many innocent buyers will be paying $100's of thousands more for the priveledge of "owning" a home.

"I'm not a real estate bum," Realtors say. Seither invested - unwisely it turns out - in expensive Clearwater waterfront property at the peak of the recent boom. Lenders are after her for millions of dollars in debts. After juggling 15 calls from debtors, creditors and clients, Seither lays the phones aside and delivers a pep talk to herself. "I'm not a real estate bum," the president of Executive Preferred Properties announces. "I wear diamonds, Rolexes and necklaces. I'm a classy Realtor."
Watchworld: Flippers are also Realtors

Sam Leccima

Sam Leccima, ex-host of A&E's, Flip This House
Turn's out, Sam was the host of an Un-Reality show. The renovations were shoddy, the sales were bogus, and it was all a sham.
'Flip This House' star accused of fraud and faking work on show
"This is, indeed, a con artist," said Sonya McGee, an Atlanta pharmaceutical representative who says Leccima took $4,000 from her in an investment scheme.

As a society, where are we when we find "entertainment" in renovating and selling homes for profit and greed? Housing bubble? What bubble??

George Chamberlain

George Chamberlain, San Diego, NC Times, TV & Radio Bafoon
George is a tireless promotor of real estate. You can find references from May 2006:That jackass Chamberhead is back railing that no bubble existsand as current as August 2007:
American Dream is Still Alive
And...George the Whore Speaks at Del Sur This Weekend
[video page:]

Casey Serin

Casey Serin, Ex-Real Estate Mogul/Flipper
Casey was your typical twenty-dumbthing that thought he could strike it rich in real estate. He "purchased" upwards of 8 homes, but lost most through foreclosure. He gained famed through his blogging ( about the foreclosures. His case is typical of the mortgage fraud that has plagued housing the past few years. How can someone with little or no equity purchase 8 homes??
Poor, Casey.
Casey Serin From Wikipedia

Monica Kang

Monica Kang, Roman Realty
Congratulations, Monica! Welcome to the Hall of Shame®! Not to diminish the accomplishment, but joining Roman Realty is an easy ticket to induction.

Monica's Resume: (aka Air Monica®)The Path to the Dark Side