Monday, October 1, 2007

Maria Gudelis

Maria Gudelis and Rudy Straat Speak Out...
but I wish they would STFU.
FatCat Real Estate
While there may be no direct evidence that Maria is guilty of mortgage fraud, she has been inducted because she has the audicity to post videos about the lawsuit filed against her by First Magnus. My take on her is that she's a "get rich quick" type, doesn't produce anything, and follows the "get rich quick schemes". She says she's a "professional", but I believe a professional would know when and if they they were in a potentially fraudulent situation. She definitely profited from the high appraisals and loose lending standards, and I'm sure she wasn't complaining when the money was pouring in. Watch her in the First Magnus videos, prancing in front of a Mercedes and Audi, explaining how she has to return them. Boo-hoo!
Maria: Get Rich Quick Using Real Estate
Maria: First Magnus 1
Maria: First Magnus 2
Maria: First Magnus 3
I love her comment about the "herd of luxury vehicles that we have".
I found the following blog entry by her that smacks of her own real estate pyramid scheme.
Gudelis Pyramid Blog

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