Sunday, November 4, 2007

Michael Caruso

Michael Caruso, President Orange County Association of Realtors
Michael has drank deeply from the kool-aid fountain!

Time to buy? Depends on whom you ask
"If you have a long horizon, this is a good time to buy," said Michael Caruso, president of the Orange County Association of Realtors. "You have plentiful inventory, you have willing sellers and you have agents in a problem-solving mode."
Agents in "problem-solving mode". I feel better, now. Ummmm... are these the same dumb-ass agents that put people in homes they couldn't afford in the first place?

Caruso warns that it's a good time to buy only if you plan to own a home for more than a year. But there's a lot of pent-up buyer demand, he said, predicting that "we might have a heck of a spring and summer" next year.
Michael, you may want to visit Vivian. Prices are so disconnected from earnings that you would have to be insane to pay the asking prices. Wait a few years and let them drop another 30-50%. But for god's sake, DON'T ASK A REALTARD IF IT'S A GOOD TIME TO BUY!!!

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