Monday, August 18, 2008


From Communist China Star:

To Mark of the Beast:

Walmart fed off the housing bubble, stoking the consumeristic fires that this country now feeds off. But what happens when there is no money pouring in from that sweet home "equity"? People will have to rely on income from their jobs. But where did their jobs go? Yep; straight to China thanks to these 'sumina bi***es'!

BTW, that new logo is also the Kurt Vonnegut anus.

And now this... (thanks, tom12008)
2008-08-04: Wal-Mart Denies Pressuring Workers To Vote GOP
Wal-Mart is denying reports that company officials encouraged store managers to "vote Republican" in November. Company officials are said to be concerned that a Democratic victory would make it easier for employees to unionize. Labor unions say the meetings amount to intimidation.


tom12008 said...

They belong in here in Housing Bubble Hall of Shame. They are now using scare tactics to influence employee voting habits.


Rob Dawg said...

Circular firing squad.