Monday, June 8, 2009

Kendra Todd Meets God

Ever notice that when people reach bottom and they can't pimp their BS anymore, they turn to god. Go check out some of Kendra's more memorable past remarks, HERE.

Kendra Todd: "Money is God" (see below)

Kendra Todd: "the Lord will guide us through this financial crisis"

Wait a second, didn't she help guide people INTO the crisis??

700-Club Video

Kendra Todd: Turn Passion Into Prosperity
“I’m a real estate investor, but that’s just one facet of one part of a bigger picture – teaching people how to develop a healthy attitude and mindset towards money,” she said.

Her best selling book, Risk & Grow Rich targets the challenges and importance of taking risks to create wealth, and directly confronts how our relationship to risk affects our lives.

Her team's main mission is to match buyers with properties that fit their goals, and to help people grow one step closer to financial freedom. And, although Kendra has an in-depth background in real estate, her main goal is equipping people with the knowledge that success and wealth comes from God.

“I’m a strong Christian, and I’m getting ready to launch a Christian biblical based approach to making and saving money, tithing and giving,” she said. “I am getting ready to do what I am passionate about. I want to empower people to create a real positive relationship with and perspective on money, and realize it’s all God.”

Kendra also specializes in financial literacy and believes that it’s important to learn how to save and not be indebted to anyone; learning the biblical foundation on how to approach money and setting yourself up for retirement is key, especially during this current economic crisis. (Hey, what happened to tapping sweet home equity? See: My House is Worth What? )

“It isn’t about you. It’s all God,” she said. “That’s something that I really put out there as one of the fundamental approaches to developing a successful mindset. Turn off the television; the Lord will guide us through this financial crisis. Don’t get overly excited about what the news is saying. Don’t let that dictate how you feel about your current situation.”


Bukko_in_Australia said...

Religious people are suckers for a bogus story, by definition. So this scam artist has found a new market to fleece. the only problem is, there's a stupidity/wealth matrix. The stupider you are, the less wealth you have. (Unless you inherited it.) So will the sheeple who ae dumb enough to fall for this have enough money to be worth cheating them out of?

AuAgPb said...

Great post Tyrone. You nailed this twat big time. When everything was going great, God was never mentioned. Now, another way to scam people out of their money (tithing). She just needs to go into porn.

tom12008 said...

She's only 30 years old-wow!I don't guess people's ages very well. (To me, 30 is still young)

tom12008 said...

Nothing has changed since the 80s after all. People don't learn their history, and idiocy like this is evidence of it. This use of religion disgusts me. It is good that I haven't eaten yet.

She deserves a special "award" for such egregious behavior.


Tyrone said...

She just needs to go into porn.


tom12008 said...

There are two other ways to go with this religious stuff.

and there are these ladies:

Imagine working real estate into either of these. Housing porn gets a whole new meaning.

Tyrone said...

Stripping for God. LOL

Johnnie said...

What Kendra Todd really needs to do is go back to waiting tables - at least she actually delivered what she promised as a cocktail waitress. News Stations should be ashamed for allowing this bimbo to get up on national television as an "expert" in anything but scamming people, and give investors advice in real estate!! NOW SHE'S BEING SUED FOR FRAUD.

'Apprentice' winner Kendra Todd accused of fraud in lawsuit over homesale

Mac said...

We heard a lot of bad things about Kendra Todd and the fact that she has been sued for fraud and breach of fiduciary duty, it does not mean that we had to judge her for everything that she have done like scamming people and using the name of God. I think the best thing that we have to do is to take encumbrance of our lives and start moving forward.
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Kelly said...

Why do you blame Kendra? What about the people who signed on the dotted line? In that economic climate I'm sure we all had the opportunity to become homeowners, but we chose not to do it. It's called personal responsibility.