Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lori Polin, Part II

Lori Polin, Realtor
From Realtor Hall of Fame to Housing Bubble Hall of Shame.
Part I

Our realtor sweetheart is up to some bizarre trix. (Thanks, Mav)

2009-10-28: Agent accused of real estate fraud at center of bizarre condo foreclosure
Foreclosure proceedings on Alejandro Salazar's Tampa condo had dragged on so long he finally called the bank this summer to ask why.

Because, the bank told him, your attorney has been fighting us for a year.
In a bizarre case, Harlan confirms that he listed himself as Salazar's lawyer even though Salazar hadn't retained him. The person who did, Harlan acknowledges, was a real estate agent who had acquired the deed to Salazar's vacant condo, moved in and wanted to stall foreclosure because she hoped to buy the unit in a short sale.

The agent? Lori Polin, named by Florida's attorney general last year as a key player in an alleged $37 million mortgage fraud scheme.

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lr829 said...

When will this lady stop her and all those that are just like her. when will the dam attorney general wake up and do something about these realtors!! They just keep on going like the energizer battery!! I have my own dealing with someone like her in Oviedo, fl!! No One will listen!!