Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mo' Munna!

Ms. Cortney Munna,
College Debtor

Hey, at least she acknowledges the poor return on investment.

2010-06-01: More on Cortney Munna’s Student Loan Tale

First and foremost, I openly acknowledge my responsibility for my current situation, as well as the naïveté in my estimation of the return on investment of a “high quality” education and a liberal arts degree. My only explanation is that once I was in school, I didn’t think much about tuition beyond filling out the paperwork, and I did what I always had done: focused on my education.
In retrospect, it’s absolutely clear to me that I should have thought more about the cost of the education versus career prospects. I didn’t think of it as a purchase. It was always just the next step to take: Get into good school. Get decent scholarship. Work hard.

And have it all pay off in the end.

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getyourselfconnected said...

I was hoping for a new post! Good stuff. This type of story really needs more coverage.