Thursday, July 3, 2008

Terri Campbell

Terri Campbell, Eastern Investment Advisors

Terri on Peter Schiff's housing and economy predictions...

"I disagree with his assumptions, and also his conclusion, obviously."
Campbell: There is no evidence of a nearing recession.
-------- FAIL!! --------
Schiff 8, Realtors/Analysts 0

September 18, 2007


tom12008 said...

I can't believe I just checked out your blog now, and not a year earlier. I found your link on Sonoma Housing Bubble Blog. Your site is striking not only for what you do, but for how it looks.

ArtLatin said...

I love Schiff. He da man!
That braud is clueless.
This was back in 07 and he was dead on!!!

AuAgPb said...

In Terri's defence, she was polite, and agreed that the "official government numbers" are false.

OK, that's it. I am out of compliments for her.

Peter tore her up. It's also nice seeing a video from late last year and seeing just how accurate he is. I do wish my EuroPac account was doing better though.

82 dollar oil??? Those were the good old days.

My Special Day said...

What can Terri say now? Recession or No Recession......although Peter was and still right....we need the real figure, REAL not official or should I say, Political Figure....

You purchase the real cost not the official cost.........