Sunday, October 5, 2008

Agelakis Yippy-Dog Family

George Agelakis Clan, House Buyers/Flippers

Ok, back to accused fraudsters.

2008-10-01: Shell Game
Seven Neighbors, 11 Foreclosures, and More Than a Million Dollars' Profit in One Baltimore Neighborhood

The dogs yipped nightly. The neighbors petitioned. One neighbor says he at first tried to reason with Agelakis, who operates a hair salon three blocks away, but he "was an asshole," the man, who asked that his name not be revealed, says.

According to land records, the small group of people who bought, traded and sold each other houses here before defaulting on their loans are more than just neighbors, lovers and/or housemates.

According to land records George Agelakis, for example, is step brother to both Bayardo Alvarez
(who gave him 223 S. Madiera St.) and Kenneth C. Wallace (from whom Agelakis bought 211 S. Madeira St.)

Other than sharing a step brother (or two—George's brother, Emmanuel, also bought property here) the relationship between Wallace and Alvarez is unknown. Wallace is the domestic partner of Kenneth Koehler, at 2215 Gough St., while Alvarez resides (or at least did until recently) a few steps away, at 2225 Gough, with Joshua Goldberg, a mortgage broker who facilitated the property transfers and also notarized the claims of familial relations.
Alvarez, meanwhile, is also the step-son of Janet Praid
, who lives a few doors south at 320 S. Madiera, and formerly owned 2225 Gough.

So—assuming their claims land records are true—Praid is Alvarez's step-mother, Alvarez is George Agelakis's step-brother, Agelakis is Wallace's step-brother, and Wallace is (according to Koehler) Koehler's domestic partner.

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