Tuesday, October 28, 2008

June Reyno, Protesting House Owner Debtor & Realtor
Hmmmmm... some information has surfaced regarding this individual. It's a shame the reporter didn't do his job.

What she may have omitted from her sob story:
- She possibly refinanced and used $300K for a failed business
- She is a realtor
- “Specialist in Mitigating Foreclosure Losses”

BTW, here is her website: http://junereynosales.com/

Video: Woman Chained To House To Prevent Eviction

2008-10-27: San Diego Woman Chains Herself to Foreclosed Home to Resist Eviction
SAN DIEGO,CA. A Mira Mesa woman and her husband are fighting their eviction from the place they’ve called home for the last twenty years on Priestley Street. Unable to afford the adjustable rate mortgage monthly payments of $5,800, the couple and their five dogs have been evicted, but June Reyno is fighting the eviction - which could be today the 27th or tomorrow - by chaining herself to her house. They expect the San Diego Sheriff’s Department to come out to the Reyno’s home any day. The Sheriffs delivered the eviction notice on October 8th.

From Comments OB Rag Blog:
I have no sympathy. Channel 8 reported a more complete story. She refinanced and used $300k+ in a business venture that failed. According to sources readily available online, the house was offered up for auction one year ago with an estimated default of over $633k, and the original sale price when she and her previous husband bought it was $198k. She styled herself a foreclosure and short sale specialist.

Housing Doom Story Coverage (be sure to watch the video)


AuAgPb said...

Thanks for posting this evil whore Tyrone. The pathetic MSM had to be shown how to do its job by the amateur bloggers.

Tyrone said...

No problem, auagpb. The whole purpose of this blog is to create a snapshot of the wrong-doers (intentional, or un-inintentional), to help remember how we got here, and identify those kool-aid drinkers.

This gal is truly a kool-aid guzzler, I'm talkin' kool-aid bong.

umbrella said...

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She really is very conspicuous, just the look on her face you can really tell what kind of a person she is. Thank you for informing and posting a warning about this woman, who knows she could be lurking around our estate.

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adecco said...

What a terrible thing to do. Oh! Thanks you so much for this. I could’ve gone through her website.

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