Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Goldman Suchs

Goldman Sachs
'Most Evil Entity in the Universe'

So now this piece-of-sh*t "bank" is trying to shut down a blog because they don't like it. But I guess that 'sticks and stones' don't apply when you have billions of taxpayer dollars and total control of the US Federal government (my opinion).
Here is the blog they're attempting to shut down:
Goldman Sachs - Evil Empire ('Evil Empire' is my edit & opinion)

Not to sound harsh, but I hope all employees of this company rot in hell. Is that too much?

Why do I feel that these "profits" (see below) belong to you and me?

2009-04-14: Goldman Sachs posts forecast-busting earnings
WASHINGTON (AFP) – US banking giant Goldman Sachs took markets by surprise, announcing forecast-busting quarterly earnings and a massive five-billion-dollar share issue to help repay government aid.

Goldman Sachs reported first-quarter net profit of 1.81 billion dollars with earnings per share of 3.39 dollars, sharply higher than 1.33 dollars per share forecast by most analysts.

The profit came on the back of revenues of 9.43 billion dollars in the first quarter, which ended on March 27.

2009-04-14: Jesse's Cafe Commentary:
Goldman Sachs Buries Losses to Beat the Estimates
The only thing getting blown away around here are the shareholders, taxpayers, and anyone else who buys what Wall Street in general is selling these days.
Goldman Sachs Releases Earnings After Hours

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