Friday, May 1, 2009


ACORN,, ACORN Housing Services
And as the Housing Bubble enters the later stages of its destruction, a group has to insert its stupidity in hopes of saving house debtors. Fools, morons, monkeys, and jackasses... welcome, ACORN.
(hat tip to Sacramento Land(ing) )

2009-05-01: Protesters disrupt foreclosure auctions in Sacramento
Protesters disrupted several foreclosure auctions Tuesday on the Sacramento County Courthouse steps, winning a temporary cancellation of one and sending an unidentified auctioneer to the hospital with chest pains.

An ACORN official said the activist group simply wants more time for struggling borrowers it claims were often targeted for dangerous loans.

"Many of the sales that are happening now are around houses that could be saved by the (loan modification and refinance) plans starting to be implemented," said Amy Schur, California director of ACORN.

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