Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Interest-Only Insanity

Interest-Only Insanity
Courtesy New York Times and Calculated Risk.

2009-09-08: The House Trap
“I understand I took a risk,” said [Dean Janis, a Southern California lawyer who bought a $950,000 home in 2004] “But I did not anticipate that the real estate market would go down 30 percent.” He talked with Wells Fargo about his options, and the lender said he had none.

Ok, let's check out this McMansion...

4371 Piedmont Dr San Diego CA 92107
2 beds, 1.0 baths, 1,073 sq ft
Zestimate®: $782,500

Sale History
06/14/2004: $956,500
12/27/2001: $515,000

2bed/1bath and he PAID $950K!!!
What is wrong with people?!!!

This place should go right back down to $400K at the bottom. Until then, just rent and save yourself a sh*tload of money, assuming our money retains any value by then (see A Gift from Jim Sinclair). However, it is about 1.7 miles from Point Loma Seafood, but it's getting way too crowded and expensive--that damn fish sandwich is now $8.32. I can remeber paying around $3.50 for one. More inflation we can attribute to foolish house buyers, perhaps?

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