Monday, December 29, 2008

A Gift from Jim Sinclair

Ok, Jim Sinclair says write this down, so I'll note it right here. I consider the 'replacement' of the US dollar a low probability event, but it's not zero, and a lot can happen between now and June 2012. What really fascinates me is that he not only says it will happen, but that he provides a date.
Jim Sinclair's MineSet

Next year is going to be very interesting and the economy deserves close attention and scrutiny, particularly if your plan is to survive and possibly thrive as we emerge from the recession. My goal is survival and I emerged from '08 relatively unscathed, but I'd like to come out of the overall recession in better shape than when it started.

2008-12-28: A Gift From Jim
Dear Friends,
Here is my New Years gift to you, my extended family.

There is no way that the CONSEQUENCES of the largest creation of paper money since it was invented can be avoided or even modified. Odds now favor Alf Field’s price objective (Elliott Wave Gold Update 23, bonus article Crisis Cogitations).

January 14th 2011 to June 21st, 2012:
The best part of this gift is not the one you already know, which is January 14th 2011 (Sinclair: gold will trade at a minimum of $1650 on or before January 14th 2011), but rather the date that a new currency form will replace the form of the US dollar as you know it today which is the third week of June 2012.

Don’t laugh! Write this down and do not forget about it!

Happy (sort of) New Year,


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