Thursday, January 28, 2010

David Crisp, Part 3

David Crisp,
Formerly of Crisp & Cole

The noose tightens!!!

(thanks, fraudyouwant)

2010-01-25: Fourth guilty plea in Crisp & Cole case entered
FRESNO -- An almost imperceptible pause was the only apparent emotion displayed as 31-year-old Megan Balod pleaded guilty to felony wire fraud and other charges in a Fresno federal courtroom late Monday afternoon.
"The investigation is continuing," Assistant U.S. Attorney Sheila Oberto said after the proceeding, referring to the overall federal mortgage fraud case related to Crisp & Cole operations. Oberto said she could not comment on specifics of the open investigation.
Balod's sister, Jennifer Crisp, is married to David Crisp, the former co-owner of Crisp & Cole along with Carl Cole. Both men have had their real estate licenses revoked by state regulators and numerous civil lawsuits are in play against Crisp, Cole and their failed company.

No criminal charges have been filed against the Crisps or Cole.


fraudyouwant said...

It's impossible not to wish the worst for these scumbags...

Carl Cole becomes a licensed real estate salesman in California.

His application is initially denied due to a felony conviction in North Carolina, where in 1988 a Moore County jury found him guilty of a crime against nature for engaging in a sex act with an 18-year-old male. The teen was a student at the Big Oak Christian School, where Cole was principal, and the incident took place in Cole’s office, records show.

While oral sex between adults is not a crime in California, the California Department of Real Estate in March denies Cole’s license application because the crime involved “a relationship of trust and authority — that of principal and student,” records show.

fraudyouwant said...

Part 3.5

Dirtbag's father-in-law loses CPA license.

Get some popcorn...the real entertainment should be coming soon!

Tom said...

Hello Tyrone,
thanks for keeping threads on this topic open. Thanks also to fraudyouwant for the updates. Do either of know how David Crisp's wife could have been kept in the dark all this time? I mean, she could be thoroughly ignorant, but that means that her parents and sister were also keeping secrets form her, doesn't it? Any insights here? I'm puzzled by it, that's all.


Tom said...

So mortgage fraud and terrorism are the main law enforcement concerns in Kern County, followed by marijuana? Wow. The housing bubble has had some violent fallout to be sure, but mortgage fraud and terrorism in one sentence? Not gang violence, rape, house burglaries, drunk driving, violence against women or one-off homicides, but mortgage fraud and terrorism top the list of law enforcement concerns.

Tyrone said...

With regard to Crispy's wife, I think everything that was going on was a Family Affair.


Tom said...

thanks for the response. I just gotta wonder in cases like this how much a person can screen out, block out or overlook.