Monday, December 28, 2009

David Crisp, Part 2

David Crisp
Formerly of Crisp & Cole
(Part 1)

Crisp's actions "epitomized the rampant greed that contributed to the market collapse," Real Estate Commissioner Jeff Davi said in a statement released Monday. "He should not be allowed to work in any capacity related to finance or real estate."


2009-11-23: David Crisp banned from real estate for three years
The California Department of Real Estate has barred former real estate agent David Crisp from working in any real estate-related field for three years.

The ban applies to all real estate firms, including lenders, banks, escrow companies and title companies. It became effective at noon Monday, the same day the state announced its order.

Crisp had initially intended to fight the order and two hearings were set, but he failed to show up to either one and lost by default, according to Department of Real Estate spokesman Tom Pool.
In September, Jerald Allen Teixeira, a loan officer who worked for Crisp and Cole for more than a year, pleaded guilty to being a part of mortgage fraud. He was offered leniency in exchange for promising to assist federal prosecutors.
(Part 3 is coming for Crisp, I'm sure)


Jeff D said...

Three year ban? How about a lifetime ban. And while we're at it, lets get this guy behind bars and strip him of all his ill-gotten wealth.

I'm tired of these people getting away with this crap!

fraudyouwant said...

When it's all done this dirtbag will be the poster child of fraud. His wife and kids will pay for his greed and stupidity forever.

tom12008 said...

Happy New Year, and thank you!

Only three years? I don't get the justice system anymore.

Thank you for another year of wit and enlightenment,


Tyrone said...

Happy New Year to you, Tom.

I'd post more, but I've been in spectator mode, lately. It'll be interesting to watch the ARMs recasting this year and the next few. I had a conversation with a home-debtor the other day about house prices. I said I thought prices would continue to fall, particularly in CA, and he said, "You think so?" I proceeded to recite the data that backs up the statement.
Moral of the story: people continue to live by the seats of their pants, rather than educating themselves.

Jeff D said...

Tyrone -

That's what I've been doing the last few years. Just watching all the prior 2 decades+ of insanity unwinding.

I find it quite staggering how delusionally ignorant many (most) still remain about the situation unfolding.

Today's story about a brighter 2010 are pure fantasy as I believe 2010 will be when the real problems start to "hit the fan" (so to speak).

I personall use Detroit as a template for what the whole country could potentially become since nearly all of this "boom" has been a ponzi financed scam of epic proportions......

People think 2008 and 2009 were bad? HA! The real bad hasn't even started yet........

Buckle up & Good Luck!

Happy New Year! (as odd as it feels to say that).

fraudyouwant said...

Shoe shine boy's family will soon be in the can. His homosexual associate Cole is surely looking forward to prison.

Crip's father was an inmate (for bad checks). Looks like stupidity and greed runs in this family.

Eleanor Warren-Thorne said...

I doubt he could get a license in North Carolina!!

Tom said...

On a related note, I wonder how Jennifer Crisp could out of the loop enough not to be charged with any wrongdoing even as her husband, parents and sister face charges. What a saga; it looks as if there's more drama to come.


tom12008 said...

This thread brings backs so many memories, many of them surreal. Remember Casey Serin? The fallout continues, seriously.

Then there is that living exersise in hyperreality.

I can't believe the founders are not in prison for fraud, much less still in business.

And then there's this classy lady:



LTHORNTON0215 said...

A lifetime ban is not even necessary. This guy is ruined for life. And, well deserved. I've worked in the industry for over 7 years and it's guys like this that caused us the difficulties we face now.

fraudyouwant said...

Amazing! He allows his in laws to plead guilty in an attempt to save his own pathetic ass.

If he had one bit of honor he'd claim responsibility and keep his family out of jail.

Jeff D said...

Fraudyouwant, I don't see it that way.

I think these people are making deals with the US Attorney's office, and in turn are helping them build an even stronger case against CRISP & COLE.

I believe they are going to nail him as hard as possible. At least, I hope that is the "case".........