Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bobbie Dust

Bobbie Dust, Realtor/Landlord
Being foreclosed upon? Were you renting your home? No problem; keep collecting the rent, even after you've handed the keys over to the bank.

Home sold on January 28th; February 8th, Ms. Dust asks for RENT!!!!

I think Bobbie took lessens from Landlord Pearl.

2008-03-20: Video
Bobbie Dust, well-known real estate agent defrauds client, tenants protest.

2008-03-20: House foreclosed, renters given little notice
Apparently the 1,400 a month Jennifer and Travis paid in rent never made it to the mortgage company. The home was sold to a bank on January 28. The Clark County Recorder's Office recorded the sale on February 5.

But three days later, no longer owner of the home, Bobbie Dust asked the couple to pay February rent. The request came in a text message. "It was on February 8th, in the morning," Travis explains. "Are you paying rent today?"

Travis wrote back:
Are you kidding me? We know you don't own this house anymore. We spoke to the bank. We're not stupid, we're not giving you one more nickel and as a matter of fact, you owe us $765 for the deposit and for fixing the refrigerator.

Bobbie wrote back:
Are you still living in my house? If so, no one lives for free.

Travis replied:
It's not your house. As of January 28th at 1 pm, the bank owns this house, not you.

Bobbie's final text:
Contrary to what you might think, it's mine until February 29th, don't get so cocky.

2008-03-23: Renters Beware

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The Ace said...

I wonder if this bitch has real boobs but a fake blonde bush downstairs like our other fraudster Nancy.