Saturday, March 1, 2008

Tracy Byrnes

Tracy Byrnes, Fox Business News
Does this beeyatch have any idea what she talking about? I've had it; I'm tired of listening to her "RAH-RAH-RAH, nothing is wrong, the economy is strong" ranting. Now she's questioning why Peter Schiff lives in this country. And another thing--her voice bores a hole through my head.

Schiff 5, Realtors/Analysts 0

Video: Peter Schiff February 29 2008 Fox News
Tracy Quotes:
"They are just bringing armageddon on".
"Peter, I just don't understand sometimes why you live in the United States."
"The rest of Corporate America... there is still cash on the balance sheet."
"People are still working."
"There is no way people need to go sell their homes and move into their cars."

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