Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Eve Mazzarella

Eve Mazzarella & Steven Grimm, Mortgage Fraudsters and Award Winning Realtor
Specialties: Foreclosures & Short Sales

Class of 2007! Bravo, realtor.org!
Under 30 Profile

: FBI News Release
* Mazzarella and Grimm recruited individuals (straw buyers) to make offers to purchase homes in Las Vegas at substantially above the seller's asking price. Once the purchase was negotiated, the straw buyers applied for mortgages from financial institutions. Mazzarella and Grimm placed, or caused to be placed, false information regarding the straw buyers' places of employment, income and assets on the mortgage loan applications in order to ensure that the straw buyers could qualify for the loans.

2008-03-14: Las Vegas couple face federal charges
LAS VEGAS - A Las Vegas real estate broker and her husband are facing federal charges they made millions of dollars orchestrating a mortgage fraud scheme.

U.S. Attorney for Nevada Gregory Brower says Eve Mazzarella, 30, and her husband, Steven Grimm, 45, were indicted Wednesday on bank fraud, money laundering and aiding and abetting charges.

The government alleges Mazzarella and Grimm bought more than 200 properties at inflated values using limited liability companies and more than 400 straw buyers to make purchase offers.

The couple allegedly controlled transactions worth more than $100 million. They allegedly defaulted on mortgage payments on many of the loans, causing at least 118 properties to be sold in foreclosure.

2008-06-03: Las Vegas called 'mortgage fraud ground zero'
Prosecutors have charged Eve Mazzarella, 30, and Steven Grimm, 45, with bank fraud, alleging the two caused banks to make more than $107 million in dubious loans and netted a profit of at least $15 million. Both defendants pleaded not guilty to the charges. A trial has been scheduled for October.

AND... she's honored at realtor.org BWAHAHAHA

Under 30 Profile: EVE MAZZARELLA

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Nate said...

Dear Eve,

I hope you like tuna, because you're on the "eve" of eating quite a bit of it, you rotter, you! LOL!!!

William said...

please take everything from these rat bastards....the deserve to sleep with the fishes

Tanya Chan said...

Eve Mazzarella is such a cold-blooded rip off artist, she ripped my dad off $200,000.00 for a deed of trust which she had put fake document numbers that was never recorded, when investigated we had to pressure her and accompany her to the recorders office to have it finally recorded, then she stops paying him the monthly interest and then let the property foreclose, she is the worst nightmare for us. Hope you enjoy your time in federal prison and when and if you get out, you will be so proud because you always wanted to be famous, well now you are nationally. Maybe they will have an re-enactment of you on the show FBI files since you are so cruel to rip-off so many innocent people and senior citizens of their life savings.