Saturday, June 7, 2008

Steve Rodgers

Steve Rodgers, CEO of Prudential California Realty
An optimistic Realtor...
how surprising. He might be taking his queues from Steve Thomas.

2008-06-07: housing to be healthy by ’09’s end

OC Register: When will the housing market hit bottom, and when will it get back to the peak?

Rodgers: Many forecasters are saying that we are at the bottom now, and I would agree with that assessment. I would say that by the end of Q2 2008, we will have bottomed out and will have started to recover. The bell curve will start to come back up somewhere in that time period — timing dependant on ZIP code, city, county, etc.

I foresee that by Q1 2009, the market will have improved a good deal. It will still be somewhat rocky in various areas, but it will be healthier overall. By the end of 2009 we will have a truly healthy market — no longer rocky; it will be fully stable and equitable for both buyers and sellers.

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