Monday, September 10, 2007

David Crisp

Crisp & Cole, formerly of Crisp & Cole
David Crisp and Alan Cole can be given a lot of credit for destroying the real estate market in Bakersfield and surrounding areas. Recent news reports have provided evidence that they involved family members (Carl Cole, Megan Balod, Jennifer Crisp, Crisp's MOTHER!) in their nefarious flipping.
C&C Shenanigans:
Crisp & Cole defaults: Nightmare on Ordsall Street
Bakersfield home prices down 10.9% YOY; Crisp Sister in Law report
KGET Crisp Video: Mortgage Fraud--A Family Affair

2007-09-10: Formal charges have been filed
2007-09-12: FBI raids Crisp home and offices BUSTED!!!
News Video: Crisp Raided


Jeff D said...

Hey Tyrone,

Have you heard anything else about this scumbag?

Where is David Crisp today?

Tyrone said...

Great question, Jeff D. See new post on Crisp, and lets watch for Post 3 with the Feds.