Saturday, September 1, 2007


National Association of Realtors®
For anyone buying a home, the NARs objectives conflict with yours. They make money through a sales commission, so the more you pay, the more money they earn. And how many times during the housing boom did you hear or read about a Realtor saying, "You'll be priced out forever", or "Real estate always goes up." Total rubbish. And now that the boom is turning into bust, "It's a great time to buy, prices are lower." When prices get back in line with household earning and historical guidelines for affordability, then it will be time to buy. I've singled out a few notorious Realtors (Jenae, et al) for their shameless manipulation of the loose lending practies, and/or for pushing toxic loans (Nunez, et al) onto people that do not have the earnings to justify the loan amount.

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