Saturday, September 1, 2007

Liz Seither, Real Estate Bum®

Elizabeth "Liz" Seither, Banker, Owner, Flipper, Real Estate Bum®
The vanity and ignorance of this Realtor has earned her a spot in the Hall of Shame. How much damage did rampant flipping do to home prices? How many innocent buyers will be paying $100's of thousands more for the priveledge of "owning" a home.

"I'm not a real estate bum," Realtors say. Seither invested - unwisely it turns out - in expensive Clearwater waterfront property at the peak of the recent boom. Lenders are after her for millions of dollars in debts. After juggling 15 calls from debtors, creditors and clients, Seither lays the phones aside and delivers a pep talk to herself. "I'm not a real estate bum," the president of Executive Preferred Properties announces. "I wear diamonds, Rolexes and necklaces. I'm a classy Realtor."
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