Saturday, September 1, 2007

Debtkid, Honorable Mention
I won't give Debtkid full induction into the Hall of Shame, but he will represent all the 20-dumbthings that are stupid enough to think they can manage crippling debt, and are so overwhemlingly filled with a sense of self-entitlement that they possess no self-control. Perhaps it is upbringing by baby boomers that has deluded this generation.

Muggle Money Mistakes :
When I was 23 I bought a nearly half-million dollar home because I could. A year later I was short selling the home to avoid foreclosure. Sometimes, just because you can do something financially, does not mean that you should.

Isn't it strange how this 20-dumbthing mixes Harry Potter in with this real life; is it all a game to these idiots. He tried to 'Expecto Patronum' his debt away, but it didn't work. At the ripe age of 23, exactly how are you able to obtain the financing? Loose lending practices, that's how. Just ask this strawberry picker how he got a $720,000 loan. You're very, very special, dumbkid.

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