Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pink-Slip Capitals

#4: Los Angeles, Calif
Mass Layoffs: 100
Workers Affected: 10,594
A state budget crisis is hurting government budgets. In April, the Los Angeles Unified School District voted to lay off 5,000 teachers, school administrators, counselors and other employees.

#6: San Francisco, Calif
Mass Layoffs: 50
Workers Affected: 7736
The City by the Bay is being hit by market turmoil as financial heavyweights headquartered there, like Wells Fargo, Barclays Global Investors, Charles Schwab and Visa thin their ranks to survive hard times.

#10: Riverside, Calif
Mass Layoffs: 19
Workers Affected: 4,107
Collapsing home prices have caused mayhem in the inland empire economy leading to sweeping reductions in payrolls. State budget cuts have hit construction projects and government workers, too.

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