Sunday, May 17, 2009

UCLA Anderson Forecast

Why does this group continue to be published? But if it's predicitions you want, here are 10 that are probably much more accurate than Anderson Forecast
America By 2012: 10 Dire Predictions

And follow the link for Mark Shniepp. Is this the kind of "expert" you want to follow?

2009-05-15: Home price fall nears bottom
Although 2009 will be a “throwaway year” for San Diego County, with double-digit unemployment, growing office vacancies and declining retail sales, local housing prices will hit bottom this fall, heralding an eventual recovery, UCLA's Anderson Forecast predicted in a report to be released today.

The Anderson Forecast, one of the state's most followed teams of economic analysts, predicted that housing prices will start rising steadily by the second quarter of the year, starting with a rebound in the price of existing single-family homes.

“When it is generally perceived that selling values have reached a bottom, sideline buyers will enter the market and conventional home sales will dominate the real estate recovery,” UCLA economist Mark Schniepp said. “Reported selling values for homes will reverse, slowly at first, and then rise more convincingly.”

Oh, yeah, Anderson Forecast?

2008-03-11: Experts' forecast sees no recession
UCLA's Anderson Forecast, which previously has been ahead of the curve in forecasting the downturn of the California housing market and the resulting decline in the economy, predicted yesterday that the state and nation would not fall into a recession.

The data don't yet add up to a recession, and there is nothing to challenge the basic story of sluggishness that we have had for two years. Don't worry, be happy,” said Edward Leamer, director of the forecast, the state's best-known economic report.

Tell us more, WHORES!

2006-05-04: County home prices to flatten
With home sales sharply declining and values hitting a plateau, economists from the UCLA Anderson Forecast predicted yesterday that residential real estate prices in San Diego County will remain flat through 2011.

Ratcliff said no crash in prices is likely since the economy is so healthy. Generally, home prices fall only when large numbers of workers lose their jobs.

“Home prices will plateau but not depreciate,”
Ratcliff said. “Home prices only fall during recessions.”

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