Sunday, January 27, 2008

Scot Moran

Scot Moran, Phoenix Realtor, Flag Realty Group

All aboard the Investor Express! "Chew-chew"
Watch each house chew your equity away.

Spikey Hair... check.
Hummer... check.
Gold Bling... check.
Advice to buyers: "Get into the real estate market" ... check.

2008-01-05: Now is the time to invest your money
* Video on the right at the link above.
Arizona Database: Open complaints - 6


Lauren said...
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Daniellabella's Blog... said...

I KNOW Scot is a man of integrity, honesty, and very well educated with the housing market in PHX. I will always trust him with the selling, buying, or advisement of properties for all my friends, family, and co workers. Anyone who says different clearly hasn’t followed through with the enormous amount of advice that Scot gives to each of his clients… otherwise, they would be singing a different tune.

RobDewarBlog said...
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Tyrone said...
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BoydOlsen said...

My name is Boyd Olson. As a graduate of Harvard Business School I know what it means to perform due diligence and I like to think I make good sound business decisions. I was disappointed to learn of the experiences described on this blog. I decided to share my experience with Scot Moran. After paying what I initially believed to be a rather large retainer fee ($20K) Scot agreed to work with me and an associate. He located a few properties which we determined to be suitable for our investment criteria. After deciding to purchase three properties, Scot assisted us in sucessfully disposing of all three, within 45 days, with a net profit of more than $185K. We have since worked with Scot to acquire two additional properties and have decided to hold both as rental units with a positive cash flow of more than $1600 per month. We have attended Scot's Bootcamp and find the information to be worth considerably more than the $2K tuition. After working with several companies in an attempt to achieve our real estate investment goals, Scot Moran has been our only shining light at the end of a long dark real estate tunnel. I realize the information listed on here can be posted by anyone so I am providing my direct email: I will be happy to provide the property addresses and my telephone number to anyone upon request.

BoydOlsen said...

It should be noted that according to the Arizona Department of Real Estate concerning complaints against licensees, the following statement appears underneath the number of open complaints: "Open complaints represent unproven allegations - Upon investigation many complaints are found to be without merit and dismissed. "

Accordingly, the Arizona Department of Real Estate has dismissed all complaints against Scot Moran.

Do your due diligence people! Don't believe unverifiable claims made by disgruntled people who didn't follow good advice. We did exactly what Scot told us to do, even when we didn't feel completely comfortable, we even argued against some of the things he suggested, but when all was said and done we came out winners!

I can only imagine how frustrated people must be in this down market. When things go bad they try and take as many down with them as they can. Scot Moran is the reason we stayed afloat and I only wish there were more like him.

Fredblog said...
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ScotMoran said...
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Tyrone said...

Fair enough.