Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Connie De Groot

Connie De Groot, Beverly Hills Realtor
As Realtors go, you could do a lot worse than Connie, but after seeing her debate the housing bottom with Peter Schiff, I had to add her to the Hall.

Degroot vs Schiff
"We're coming out of a time with low supply and high demand."
* She forgot the part about totally loose lending standards.

Connie, Oh, nooo! Not again!
2007-01-02: Round 2

From Curbed LA: We Love Connie De Groot

Connie has dedicated following at YouTube: conniedegroot
A comment I left at one of the videos was:
The people buying in 90210 are "probably" a bit different from your average joe. People buying multi-million dollar homes aren't dabbling into sumbprime/alt-a/prime/option ARMs.
"Offend the seller"? Who gives a fu** about offending sellers. Realtors are ignorant.

Connie's Blog:
September 12, 2007


Jeff said...

Yes, she deserves to be here. What a twit.....

Another interesting thing to note about that piece was it happened on the day that Countrywide painted a rosy picture, forecast a profitable 4th quarter and the day CFC stock shot up huge on that absurdly blatant lie. I remember because I bought more puts. I think they will go bust by April or May, if not sooner........

Schiff is one of the few people that actually gets it.......

By the way, change the date on that link to the 2nd interview to 2008.

jennaleeryan said...

So funny....on her site she has the same picture of herself reprinted 3 times with her suit having been photo shopped into three different colors.
The problem is....the picture is her 20 years ago !!! She is an attractive older woman, but the facelifts have left her forehead looking larger do to the hairline being pulled back so much.
Please, your pride. retire into oblivion peacefully. It is so obvious that you know nothing about the real estate market, and you sound DESPERATE. Desperate to hold onto your youth and desperate to hold onto your overpaid - qualificationless-take a 6 week course and get a real estate license career. The gravy train is over darlin'...hope you sacked away a few dollrs for your future. Now it's time to apply for a job that you're qualified for, i hear that Denny's is hiring hostesses.