Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ray Karpe

Ray Karpe, Bakersfield REALTOR®, President, Broker
"Karpe Diem", I guess.
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2008-01-01: Outlook unclear for new year
"I don't think it's as lousy as everyone puts on," said Ray Karpe, the immediate past president of the Bakersfield Association of Realtors, a local trade group.

Buyers benefit from continuing low interest rates and the variety of houses for sale, he said. And, he predicted, home prices will reverse direction, and start an incremental climb.

"I think home prices, home values, will creep up," Karpe said.

2007-10-10: Central Valley home price drops
Central Valley cities are among the most likely in the nation to see further home price drops within the next two years, according to figures compiled by PMI Mortgage Insurance Co., the Walnut Creek-based subsidiary of PMI Group Inc. (NYSE: PMI).

Here’s PMI’s list of Central Valley cities’ likelihood of price declines by this time in 2009:
Bakersfield: 56.4 percent LOL
• Chico: 41.8 percent
• Fresno: 48.1 percent
• Hanford-Corcoran: 41.2 percent
• Madera: 42.1 percent
• Merced: 59.3 percent
• Modesto: 57.0 percent
• Sacramento: 52.2 percent
• Stockton: 62.3 percent

2008-Jan: Median property values sink another $10,000
Care to revise your statement, Ray?

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