Thursday, January 24, 2008

Danielle Babb

DOCTOR Danielle Babb, Real Estate Investor/Analyst
Another real estate analyst bites the dust against Peter Schiff.

2007-11-20: Peter Schiff vs Danielle
"Investors may be increasing demand in the housing market." ???
"We've got maybe 5% more to go in some hot foreclosure areas." ???
"Prices will start to stabilize in the spring." ???

Schiff 4, Realtors/Analysts 0

2008-01-24: Best and Worst Places to Buy a House
As a real estate investor and analyst, it's my job to provide buyers with qualified information (???) on where to buy -- and where to stay away from. Here are my thoughts for 2008 based on the indicators noted above. The Top Places to Buy:
- Killeen, Round Rock, Austin, Texas
- Mission Viejo, California
- Palm Beach, Florida
- Las Vegas, Nevada

Is she out of her mind? I wonder if she still thinks prices will stabilize in the spring? From her November prediction, did we only drop another 5%? Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha

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Christopher said...

Ha, ha.. Yes she is one of the worst shills from the industry. She is just a sells person trying to get more buyers for her real estate books. What a joke. I'm just disappointed the TV media gives her so much time on the air.