Friday, January 25, 2008

Melonie Griffiths-Evans

Melonie Griffiths-Evans, Subprime Victim
Melonie is not just a Subprime Victim; she's also a mother of 3 and a REALTOR!!

2008-01-24: Bad borrowers send rest of us to poorhouse
In December 2004, with no down payment and working as an assistant teacher, she signed on the dotted line for a $470,000 subprime mortgage on a house in Dorchester.

At one point during our conversation yesterday, Griffiths-Evans screamed that she was going to get a taxpayer bailout “whether you like it or not! We’re gonna get help from the legislators and the people in power to help us!”

Borrowers like Griffiths-Evans insist that they had “no options.” Apparently the “I can’t afford a house payment that doubles in 18 months! I’m not signing this!” option never occurred to them.

2008-01-25: No tears for borrower
Dreaming about having something nicer is the American way. Demanding that other people pay for it is not. - - - BRAVO!!!!!

Radio Clip
Picketing at her house
Cystal Realty
* Hmmmm... they only have realtors of one color. Reverse discrimination!

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HL said...

20 transactions as a Realtor. Assume avg house price is $400,000. That's $8 million. On a 3% comission with half going to broker, that is $600,000 she earned. And she wants people earning one tenth that to bail her out???