Sunday, September 30, 2007

Greg Swann

Greg Swann, Phoenix Realtor
It seems that Greg is now raising the ire of his own.

2008-02-15: Swann should ban himself from Bloodhound Blog
Greg, methinks it is about time you add your own name to the BHB blacklist and ban yourself. You are charged under your own comment bylaws (excerpted below) with first degree flame-baiting, bad behavior and insult — all banishable offenses in your desert blogdom. You are a repeat offender, sir.

Greg on bubble bloggers:
21 reasons to bank on the Phoenix real estate market . . .
"...guilty of nothing except failing to have drunk the BubbleBlogger KoolAde."

"The BubbleBloggers will someday bawl balefully in private, but they will never, ever admit that they have been very publicly very foolish."

"I’ve been writing lovingly about this place since the day I got here, and I’ll keep it up at least until the day before I die here."

Since he's been writing "lovingly" about Phoenix, does that mean he is incapable of writing anything truthful? Incapable of writing about loose lending practices? Incapable of writing about realtors that knowingly put people into homes they cannot possibly afford? Incapable of writing about toxic loan "products"?

And he took the Kool-aid line and used it against us! He can't do that!


Natalie said...

Now here is a group so callous and amoral they deserve to be taken out back, buried up to their necks in sand, a tablespoon of honey wiped on their foreheads, and a handful of red ants placed at the bottom of their chins. They need a taste of a real "sting".

reicman said...

Relatives of mine bought a house in Mesa last year for $260,000 with a $20,000 balloon mortgage. They decided after a year they didn't like living in a furnace in summer and the unexpected sand storms were frightening. they can't sell their home without losing $60,000 is that the 6% you mention. Also in regard to the 266% increase in population you mention, where will Phoenix getting the water for that increase in population?