Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Robin Camacho

Robin Camacho, Realtor, American Realty & Investments
Is the typical realtor paying attention to the debacle unfolding in the banks? Are they aware of the serious liquidity problems plaguing the financial system? Do they understand how this affects home lending? So sad, but we have another bottom caller.

Oh, Robin, No Mas!!!

2008-02-09: Median prices fall
"I'm ready to state unequivocally that we've reached the bottom of the market in terms of sales," Realtor Robin Camacho said. "Rising demand will equal rising prices at some point in the near future."

2007-12-12: A glimmer of hope for LV housing
"It appears we have reached the bottom everyone is waiting for," Robin Camacho of American Realty & Investments said. "December is looking horrible, but it's December and it's always the worst month. November did finish flat. Pending sales were rising, then stalled. Now they are rising again, which means in 30 to 60 days, sales should be rising.

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