Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lori Staehling

Lori Staehling, President of the San Diego Association of Realtors
Hooray! She's the president!!!

Update 2008-02-09: Homeowners could catch a break
Lori Staehling, president of the San Diego Association of Realtors, called Congress' action “incredibly good news.” “I would anticipate a spike up in sales,” she said. (Ty: That's because you're a fu**ing idiot, Lori)

In the past two or three weeks, lenders have reported an increase in prequalification loan applications, Staehling said. “That's the first sign for us (of a possible turnaround),” she said. “I've also heard signs from real estate agents that open houses are being much more heavily attended.”

Now, with the new limit higher than the local median, buyers will have more wiggle room. “It's going to open up a window of affordability,” said Greg Wickstrand of Home Services Lending. (Ty: Can someone explain to these idiots that increasing the conforming loan limit doesn't magically make houses more affordable.)

2008-01-11: Carlsbad 92011 holds the fort on home prices

Lori Staehling, incoming president of the San Diego Association of Realtors, said the current market is filled with buyers sitting on the fence.

“So much is driven by people's thinking,” she said. “Everybody wants to buy at the bottom of the market. But you never know what the bottom is until you've gone past it.”

"But you never know what the bottom is until you've gone past it.”
Is this the new battle cry of the NAR? Many realtors are using (abusing) it.

"So much is driven by people's thinking"
Well, moron, people are thinking...
- that they cannot afford current home prices
- that current home prices are unrealistic
- that lending standards are tighter and loans are more difficult to obtain

And you wanna know something... waiting for the absolute bottom, and watching things start to come up is a perfectly fine opportunity to buy. Lets face it, after we hit bottom, it going to languish for many months. Perhaps by that time, Realtors and mortgage brokers will be gone.
Guess what? The NAR will be coming to San Diego in '09.
2007-06-14: Realtors group inks '09 date for first San Diego meeting
“I think it's great news for NAR and San Diego,” Staehling said. “We've had a lot of California Association of Realtors meetings here and, obviously, it makes a great impression. People come here and love the downtown area and everything that's happened to it.”

By 2009, Staehling said, real estate should be on a roll once again. LOL

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