Sunday, April 27, 2008

Elizabeth Razzi

Elizabeth Razzi, Columnist/Author
Author of "The Fearless Home Buyer". The Fearless Home Buyer? You have got to be fu**ing kidding me.

2008-04-27: Brokerage Barons
Razzi: What do you think of bloggers who seem to root for an even bigger bust?

Housing Panic handled a response to the above question with aplomb. Bloggers don't root for a bigger bust. We just want prices to return to normal, based on reasonable lending standards. Perhaps the book convinces you to be fearless in the face of a price that is 10x your gross income. Yes, be fearless, throw your money away! Why not write a book about the housing bubble, its causes, and its impact. However, its impact will be felt for the next decade.

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ejlong said...

Elizabeth's books are concise, clear, easy to read, and invaluable. Did you see that she has written books from both ends of the spectrum?
one HAS to be fair to address both interests.