Friday, April 4, 2008

The Housing Bust: a Statistical Portrait

I thought this article had some interesting statistics.

The Housing Bust: a Statistical Portrait

Percentage of all mortgages bundled into securities:
1994: 55.8 percent; 2007: 74.2 percent

Percentage of all subprime mortgages packaged into securities:
1994: 31.6 percent; 2007: 92.8 percent

Household debt as a percentage of disposable income:
1985: 74.9 percent; 2006: 137 percent

Share of mortgage originations by federally regulated savings institutions:
1987: 29.8 percent; 2006: 8 percent.

Share of mortgage originations by less -regulated brokers:
1987: 20 percent; 2006: 58 percent

Average annual rise in home-price value:
1990-1999: 3 percent; 2000-2006: 8.6 percent

Total estimated cost of the subprime crisis so far:
$150 billion to $500 billion.


The Ace said...

Is this blonde fake bitch part of the story or is she just a trailer trash model?

Tyrone said...

Sorry, Ace. She's just eye candy for the article. I've got a blond realtor for you, tomorrow. BWAHAHAHA