Saturday, April 5, 2008

Kim Carpenter

Kim Carpenter (Kim Carp), Realtor
I wasn't going to add her to the Hall, not that she doesn't belong, but I relented because she's blond. This one is for you, Ace.

You can no longer see her blog at ActiveRain, but here is what started it all... (it's called, "Cached" information, baby; hat tip to the folks at Housing Panic--scooped again!!)

Will I cut my commision? No!.... Next question.
It should be that easy, but it isn't! My value as a REALTOR to you the home seller is well worth my professional fee. You the home seller, need to know the answer to my most frequently asked question. In your mind the question is "Will you lower your commission?" In my mind I hear, "Will you work just as hard representing me and my property even though I don't want to pay you what you, your skill and time is worth?"

Hmm... how would you feel if you go to work one day and hear these words from your boss, "Good morning, I have decided to decrease your pay for the next three months, its really no big deal." He goes on, "I know you are worth it, you are great at what you do, but I rather lower your pay...after all, it is MY business...At least you will make something!"

Realtor... Value??
Realtor... Professional??


The Ace said...

The only way that these blonde bimbo's could possibly pull off the amount of fraud and heloc addition that we are seeing today is for them to be "dumb and full of cum"

Sparky said...

Well, this blog doesn't allow anonymous comments, huh? Gee, how convenient. And comment moderation too! Afraid someone will spoil your party?

Does it really make you feel so powerful and intellectually superior to hide behind your keyboard and badger undeserving people who are simply trying to pursue their chosen career and make ends meet? Do you ever begin to understand the pain and anguish you cause by your senseless and destructive assaults?

I have had some rather heated debates with the Bubble Bloggers out here in the Pacific Northwest. Most of them are employed by the tech companies, like Microsoft, Google, and others. These are really sharp guys. They invest heavily and they know their stuff. But they would never degrade to the level that you do. It's absolutely inexcusable. You disgrace the real Bubble Bloggers!

Tony Danza said...

Kim (sparky) when will you launch your exotic dancing career? Would you please let us know where you'll be performing?