Monday, December 15, 2008

Art Laffer, Part II

Art Laffer, Economist, B.A. Econ Yale '63, MBA/Ph.D. Econ Stanford '65/'71
This one is for you, seyelda.
(Part I)

Not only does he refuse to pay the penny, he won't be sending that 'nice note' to Peter Schiff. He also says you basically cannot forecast the economy beyond 9 months into the future. Funny that I don't recall him giving this disclaimer in the first video. What a complete and total bum.

At 4:00 in the second video, Peter mentions the ARMs resetting. This is all over the news right now. I guess the mainstream media decided to inform the sheeple, although the MSM and the sheeple can't seem to look forward more than a month ahead, which makes Laffer's forecasting (9 months) look pretty good compared to morons.

YouTube Videos:
Art Laffer Refuses to Pay the Penny
Schiff vs Laffer

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Preacher said...

Bwahahaha!!! The American people were fooled by the Disciples of Reagan, and Laffer was Beelzebub. So he can't predict more than 9 months out when it came to the economy? How does he explain The Laffer Curve which he claimed showed the long term "benefits" of cutting taxes? Last I checked tax cuts and their effects were a year-over-year result, and not an instant fix. Peter Schiff was right because his money depended on being right--Laffer depends on whatever whoever he's playing political hack for on any given day.