Friday, December 14, 2007

Angelo Mozilo

Angelo R. Mozilo, CEO, Countrywide Financial Corp
Angie has cashed in millions worth of stock options while his company's stock continues to drop, and it faces liquidity problems. In 2006, he pocketed $72.2 million in stock options. It's only a matter of time for Countrywide.
Mozilo wins even if Countrywide profits plummet
Countrywide: Secondary Mortage Market Conditions 'unprecedented'
He's been compared to oompa-loompas, but I think someone is pulling a "Weekend at Bernie's". This guy is a corpse.
2007-12-14: Ill., Calif. investigating Countrywide
"We're looking at why people who appear to us to not be able to afford the loans they're in are in these loans and how Countrywide contributed to that," said Deborah Hagan, chief of the attorney general's consumer protection division, on Thursday.

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