Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Roland Arnall

Roland Arnall, Ameriquest Mortgage
Roland and Ameriquest fostered a corporate culture of corruption. Ameriquest is on its way down. They're eliminating staff, and it's probably just a matter of time before the company is gone. (It is now gone, of course.) Get used to that view, Roland!
Ameriquest in Shambles

Video demanding justice be brought to Roland Arnall
ABC Story: Ameriquest Investigation
Here's some news stories on Ameriquest.
Mortgage fix eluded lawmakers in 2001
By John Hill, December 12, 2007
The state of California had a chance to curb lending practices that would later contribute to a crisis in subprime mortgages when it set out in 2001 to regulate so-called "predatory" loans.

Ameriquest didn't limit its giving to campaign cash. It paid $72,000 for Assembly Democrats to attend a fundraiser in Hawaii during the Pro Bowl in 2005, including gifts, airfare, lodging at Hilton Hawaiian Village and meals – even $170 for cookies.

Ameriquest CA Contributions


Anonymous said...

Even the Hall of Shame is too good for this first rate scumbag.

Anonymous said...

Even the Hall of Shame is too good for this first rate scumbag. Natalie Longurl

alabamaredskin said...

I Agree!
Check out my video and pass it on to all you can. Thank you!

"We Must Spread The Truth"

barbara said...

More like cummdumpster. I am one of his victms he killed my dreams stole my home.
God shall judge him first he will answer in Federal Court.It takes an inteigent man to build an empire but a brilliant man to bring it down
Please do a google search ameriquestsucks see Myspace Babiecharmed
God help us ALL

greg hagins said...

There are two sides to every story. I lived on a property he bought for 35 million and had to move. I will never be the same. He was really Nicer to me in the process then my boss Ghazi (a hooker a day) Aita was who took the money and ran. Leaving his staff of 20 years with nothing. Roland gave me a severance my boss never did. I prayed for him when he died on 3/17/08. I still wish I lived and worked on that property. Sad Greg Says, Asta la Vista Baby

heykpasso said...

Ghazi Aita where are You? Come forth and account for being sleezy and hiding under the radar for 82 years. God

gzeba said...

Ambassador Ghazi M Aita of San Marino, Monte Carlo, New York and LA the Owner of the Owlwoood Estate in LA which he sold to Rolanad Arnall in 2003 was all in all a Good Guy.I was diappointed how he just dropped a Historical Estate as he did but it was His Money. I think after his wife died he was never the same. I MIss Him and all those Years (21) I lived and worked at Owlwood. It has taken a long time to get over not being able to walk on a property on ruled for 21 years. It will Never be the same as the Arnalls just Bull Dozed Everything. Tree"s, Homes, The Esther Williams house which I lived at 10060 Sunset in 21 years was blown up as was the Pink Palace at 10100 Sunset was Leveled also. Even the Owlwood adress of 141 S.Carolwood was changed to 10080 Sunset Blbd. To Top it off they closed S. Carolwood Drve. A little bird tells me someone got greased to close a public street. Mr.Weisenheimer could it be you. Ever since Mrs.Aita got sick in 1998 the place has had a curse on it anyway. Where there was once birds, trees, parties, kids, joy and many people working. It is now a Ghost Town. If it ever goes back up for sale rememberthere is a curse on this Property till I lift it. Anyway Ghazi I Hope you are Happy eating your dinner at the Hotel De Paris everynight in Monte Carlo. Say Hi to Josimar. WE WE.

The all knowing Oz said...

As much as I have seen the evil empire up close and personal and agree w/all the truths posted on this site and others about Arnall/Ameriquest, I'm here to tell you that the photo posted here w/"Ameriquest Sucks" spay-painted on the side of her mobile home was done by a complete loser!!! She was given SEVERAL....AGAIN.....SEVERAL opportunities to become whole and start over fresh. But she totally played the victim card against the company. And low-life scumbags like her don't ever change their colors! Folks, don't let that pic and her postings fool you!!! I have personally dealt w/this loony-tune and believe she's related to those gypsies that are scattered across the country. CON ARTISTS ALL OF THEM AND SHE'S A MAJOR LOSER!!!

Christopher said...

I to worked for Ghazi Aita. Over twenty years since he bought the house.. I serviced the pools on all three properties.There when Chase Mishkin sold it to him. There is no future in the past but I will say I remember to this day that even though the pay was slow he treated me fair. Twenty-seven years ago when my first son Ryan was born he called me in the house,reached in his pocket and handed me a hundred dollar bill. A lot of money in !983.God bless those people who still hold resentments.