Friday, December 21, 2007

Jason Grandon

Jason Grandon, Realtor
Jason's solution to the high--AND GROWING--inventory, which is a simple response to the bursting bubble. Realtors are desperate will do anything to get their sales back. They had their day in the sun, but now it's time to pay the consequences. He needs to accept the fact that realtors are also to blame.

How to help the real-estate market
Dec. 20, 2007 12:00 AM
Here is a moderate solution to the real-estate market:
There are more than 58,000 homes on the market. If each and every person who does not need to sell his or her home, or can wait to sell, takes his or her home off the market, the market will correct very quickly.

What we would see is all the homes that the banks have had to take back or the short-sale homes. After a few months, we would have a strong housing market. In fact, if many Realtors would educate their sellers about this, everyone would be happy.

Sellers would get closer to their asking price, buyers would feel more confident when making a decision to purchase, and Realtors would not be throwing their hard-earned money out the window to market a property that will not sell.

I honestly believe that the greed of the banks and mortgage companies are to blame for a majority of this mess. We are helping them out. But in order to keep happy customers and create a strong housing market, we all must work together.

If you are planning to sell your home in this market, think again. Waiting just a little longer could mean extra money in your pocket. - Jason Grandon, Scottsdale
From his website:
"...your housing payments cannot exceed 28 percent of your gross income and that your total debt cannot exceed 36 percent of your gross income."
I wonder how many times he enforced this rule during the housing run-up.


Metroplexual said...


I am into your blog. It is very entertaining and I will be back for more.

HL said...

So he wants us to buy new houses from the banks but not sell the ones we currently own. Where are we supposed to get the money to make the purchase...Countrywide? What an idiot.

Jeff said...

Grandon has to be one of the biggest idiots I've ever read. He makes no mention of THE FACT housing prices are totally absurd and MUST FALL back to something resembling reality!

For him to tell people to wait to sell because they will end up with more money is ludicrous.

PRICES WILL FALL BIG and if someone bought in the last 3 to 5 years (or took out a lot of the fake equity), they are almost certain to lose money....

I'm also really sick of hearing stories about all these people just "walking away" from their homes when they are under-water on their loans. Can't swing it, so they walk. Didn't they have a CONTRACT? Isn't what they are doing THEFT? Particularly if they cashed out equity to buy cars, flat screen TV's, vacations, etc...

At best, these shameless (actually SHAMEFUL) people should NEVER AGAIN be allowed to buy another house (or anything else on credit for that matter) ever again, and really, they should have to pay back every bit of debt they foolishly agreed to take on.......

musicman said...

Good article JASON. First let me say that this guy JEFF is a moron. He must work for a bank. House prices are getting back to reality. If your looking to flip a home right now, your the moron. In addition home prices can only go so low then people are going have to step back and realize that they might have to live in their home for a while longer. Although I agree that people may have misused thier money when they refied, but the banks and your mortgage people sat their and told us to refi and then do it again in a couple of years. Your lies and misleads are a major part of this problem. I can name 5 banks that did this. so Jeff, you are a idiot and you should probably go back to flipping burgers because you have no clue. AS for HL DON'T BUY. USE SELF CONTROL AND WAIT. Grandon made no mention of buying a new home and hang on to your own. Your the idiot. The market is not that bad, in fact it is a great time to buy if you are able. I personally know Mr. Grandon and he is a fantastic agent and he is one agent that is actually tring to help people. So Jeff lighten up. If you feel this strongly about any issue, I would recommend getting with Mr. Grandon and a couple of other realtors and start working together to help make the market better. If you don't offer a soloution then your the problem.

musicman said...

Jeff is a idiot. The person who started this post obvioulsy does not know GRANDON. FACT: HE IS ONE OF THE BUSIEST REALTORS IN AZ. Before printing mis-information please check the source and confirm information. Jeff, I know you would never borrow money to buy a car or go on vacation, but many people did mis manage thier money, BUT, you and the other bankers said these exact words " TAKE THIS LOAN FOR 5 YEARS AND THEN WE WILL REFI YOU IN 5 YEARS" People put faith in that and got stuck. I argee that there is not just one industy to blame but everyone needs to accept responsiblity and help remedy the situation. Finger pointing and negativity will only make things work. Soon we will have to resort to violence to get anything done, and trust me JEFF you don't want that. Guys like you would not last 2 min.

Jeff said...

The only idiot here is YOU Musicman. You don't even know the difference between
"they're and their"
"you're and your"

That is a clear sign of intellectual laziness!

Also, for you to think I'm a banker is the absolute height of ignorance.

Greenspan, the bankers and Wall Street deserve much of the blame for this massive bubble and I abhor what they did; but people deserve some of the responsibility for not doing any due diligence in the greatest purchase of their life.

They treated the home purchase with about as much care and thought as they would walking into a restaurant and ordering a meal. Hell, if anything, they spend more time perusing a menu or wine list than they did on their mortgage documents.....

Finally, to say that now is a good time to buy is preposterous. PRICE WILL FALL DRAMATICALLY! - End of story....