Monday, December 3, 2007

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton, Wicked Witch of Washington
Ah, yes, more help for "homeowners" or "home investors".

Clinton calling for foreclosure ban: Report
NEW YORK ( -- Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is expected to call for a 90-day ban on foreclosures and a five-year freeze on adjustable mortgage rates Monday, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Video from Louminatti: Wicked Witch of Washington


OJ said...

I use to admire this woman. Now I actually see the horns growing out of her head sometimes.

What won't she say/do to get elected??? A 90-ban on foreclosures, but no moratorium on say - the Death Penalty, the hiring of undocumented workers, insurance denials of life-saving treatments...

Karen Phelan said...

Clinton was very instrumental in repealing the Glass-Steagal act in 1999, ultimately forcing banks to lend to unqualified borrowers, forcing banks to change their lending practices. Now, this family wants back in the White House, under the pretense that the current housing crisis had nothing to do with them, and to save all the nice people that became victims as a result of Clinton pushing this repeal through.