Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sonny Shrivastava

Sonny Shrivastava, Arizona Realtor / Faux Buyer
Sonny made the rounds on the blogs, recently. He wrote a letter to the Arizona Republic back in 2006 refuting the existence of a Housing Bubble while posing as a Buyer. What he neglected to mention is that he is also a realtor, and that he was playing the flipping game.
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- Here's a letter to the editor from last May, saying there was no housing bubble in Phoenix. Didn't quite turn out that way, eh?
- If Only I Listened to the Inventory... In Buckeye, Arizona

Checking his listings, it's not hard to find poor pricing. Here is one:
12716 W Voltaire Ave El Mirage AZ 85335
Price: $210,000
Sale History
06/27/2005: $200,000
02/26/2003: $120,000
11/28/2000: $108,510

When we hit the bottom, this home won't be valued more than $120,000 and could very easily end up back at $108,000, which is probably the more likely outcome.

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Tyler said...

This is what my personal experience with this man was- This man is very arrogant, aggressive and actually harrassed me when I called him from a for sale sign on one of his homes. I literally had to block his calls he was so aggressive and threatening, the fact he was constatnly insulting me is a given. I hung up on him so he started texting me, so I now have a permanent record of his name calling and threats because I did not want to listen to him, use his services, or buy one of his listed houses. His anger issues and quite frankly psychotic tendencies are frightening. I worry for any woman who depends on him for honesty and integrity. I had to call the police for him to stop. Any man that doesnt respond to leave me alone and stop calling me is what type of a person?